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Wedding Events

Marriages are made in heaven and weddings are planned by those who care for the minute details of what you need in the event. We, at Kalpak, aim to give the same to our clients. Since the day is so special you would not like to do even the smallest of the things in an ordinary way. We take care to do every job meticulously. Right from the beginning of planning, the selection of venue, reception of guests, wedding events, music, entertainment, photography, catering, to the final event- each and every thing is given special attention. The theme of wedding you choose can be any- Rajasthani, Bengali, Hawaii, Arabian, or South Indian, or any name- you will get the right decoration suitable for your wedding event. Whether it is the choice of flowers, drapes, lights, chandeliers, candles- we know how do it perfectly.

Kalpak had organized a variety of pre-wedding and wedding events as wedding planners and decorators, taking care of the smallest details like chair dressing and table linens. We are sure that no other wedding planner has been able to showcase the same ever before in such a systematic way. We give the whole package at the most competitive price.